Ask all your questions and we will answer you as soon as possible!. To give you a better answer you can include information about yourself as a diver such as diving level, experience, when you last dived, how many days you would like to spend diving… . Below you will find answers to the most common questions.

Asking questions is proof of thinking

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    • How do I make a reservation?
      Just send us an email indicating the days you want to dive and an approximate of what you would like to do. We will check availability on those days and get back to you shortly. To confirm those days of diving we ask for a deposit between 40 and 100 USD per person depending on the activities that you can do by paypal, transfer or credit card.
    • Is it possible to change the packs and make other combinations?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      Yes, of course you can. You can exchange cenotes for others of equal or different price by adding the difference. And if you prefer another combination (minimum 3 days of diving) write us and we will send you a tailor-made package.
    • What payment methods can I use?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      Published prices are for payment in cash, in Euros, USD or Mexican Pesos. You can pay by credit card in which case an additional 4% will be charged.
    • How far in advance can I cancel an activity?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      We accept cancellations 48 hours before the start of the activity. Cancellations received within 24-48 hours have a penalty of 50% of the cost of the activity and cancellations received less than 24 hours later have a penalty of 100%. Cancellations due to weather will be refunded 100%.
    • Do prices include hotel pick-up and drop-off?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      Pick up and drop off at hotels located in Playa del Carmen and Playacar is included If your hotel is further away there is a small transfer fee, depending on the hotel. On the cenote trips we transfer by vehicle, if your hotel is on the way to the cenote there is no charge for the pick up and drop off service even if it is outside of Playa del Carmen.


    • What temperature is the water?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      The cenotes are kept at 77 °F all year round, a 3mm suit is usually enough, a 5mm if you are cold or you are going to dive several days. The sea ranges from 81 °F in winter and 86 °F in summer, 3mm is usually adequate for most.
    • Are there DIN valves available?
      Sure, just let us know in advance that your regulator is DIN so we can have tanks with the right valve type for you.
    • Do prices include equipment rental?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      Only the initiation and Open Water courses include equipment rental. The price of equipment rental per day is 5 USD per piece or 20 USD complete.
    • Is it possible to dive with Nitrox?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      Nitrox is available at an additional cost of 5 USD per tank. Cenotes are generally shallow or very deep and you will not get much out of Nitrox, with the exception of cenotes such as Zapote, Maravilla or 7 bocas. You must have your Nitrox certification
    • What certification do I need to dive in cenotes?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      Open water certification or equivalent and a minimum of diving experience (15-20 dives), there are cenotes for all levels. In case you have little experience we ask for a previous day of open water diving to evaluate your level.
    • What certification do I need to dive with the bull shark?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      Advanced Open water certification or equivalent or deep diving specialty. The dive site is at a depth of 85 ft.
    • Can non-diving companions come?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      Yes, you can do it in the cenotes excursions. Price 60 USD including transfer, entrance to the cenote and snorkel equipment. Does not include guide, optional in some cenotes such as dos ojos.


    • Which airlines fly from Europe?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      These are some of the airlines that offer direct flights from Madrid (Spain) to Cancun. Iberojet, Word2fly, Aireuropa, Tapportugal. Many others flying from other european cities.
    • Where can I stay?
      You have 3 options: classic hotels in Playa del Carmen, apartments for rent that you can find on Airbnb, all-inclusive hotels usually included in agency vacation packages including flights. Write to us and we will advise you.
    • What are the requirements for entry into Mexico?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      At present, all that is required is a valid passport, a return ticket and the completion of the immigration form that is normally provided at the airplane or airport. Here you can consult the official updated information.
    • What currency should I carry?
      The official currency is the Mexican peso. Some activities and establishments accept U.S. dollars (USD) at the exchange rate they establish, which is usually low. There are ATMs (we recommend those located in banks, not on the street) where you can withdraw cash in pesos, and exchange offices where you can change USD or euros into Mexican pesos. It is not necessary to exchange to Mexican pesos in your home country, you can do it here at exchange houses or ATMs.
    • Can I upload my electronics without problem?wpt_ignored_KHt7L3N0cm9uZ319KQ==
      Yes. Current is 110V, most electronics charge at 110/220V, check yours. The plug is American (two flat poles) so be sure to bring an adapter if you need it.
    • What season is best for travel?
      The Riviera Maya receives tourism 12 months of the year. By climate, the dry season is from November to June (less rain, less heat), the wet season from July to October (more rain, more heat). This does not mean that it will rain all day long, but there is a higher probability of having a bad day. If you are interested in bull sharks (November to March) or whale sharks (June to September) consider their seasons.